The differences between wood joiner and wood planer

Woodworkers who are just starting to learn woodworking ask this basic question. What is the difference between jointer and planer? Because they find the application of the two types of devices relatively similar. That statement is completely wrong. Each machine performs an operation or manipulation on a wooden surface is completely different.

A jointer device helps flatten a face or straighten and square an edge. And a wood planer is used to thicken the wood. In my opinion, if you are new, you should use a hand planer that is best wood planer for beginners.

For an accurate comparison, it’s no doubt that you have to know the characteristics or features of each type of device. Therefore, In this article, we will discuss in-depth what makes them different and why you should invest in either one or both.

What is a jointer and how does it work


A jointer is a device that smooths the surface of a board and straightens or squares the edges. The operator should move the surfaces of a board over the machine’s cutter head to get the best possible edge and plane. It removes material at a preset depth so that one side and one edge of the board is completely flat.

However, making the surface flat does not necessarily mean that it is ready for further processing. Therefore, workers should pay attention to the natural shape of the board to make the surface of the board resistant to the machine’s working surface.

What is a wood planer and how does it work

A wood planer, also known as the best wood thickness

wood planer
wood planer

planer, is a device that can change the size of the board. It does this by removing material at a predetermined thickness to make one side parallel to the other. However, the best wood planer also has difficulty in planing curved boards. If you try to run it through a planer it will reduce the thickness but will not do anything to fix or change as you wish.

The only way to ensure perfect parallelism is to run one side of the board on a front jointer, especially for wood with naturally curved or twisted shapes.

Once professional woodworkers cut costs on their projects it is by using their own old or rough boards. Or they take the lumber that people throw away in the log yard or on the road. Compared to purchasing wood boards at the retailer, that helps them both reduce the cost of purchasing materials and increase these’s profits. However, to do this, they will need to invest in both joiner and planer.

The sad thing is, not everyone has enough income to get both. Therefore, based on your needs and purposes, choose the most necessary device.

For example, you have a relatively flat and non-rugged wooden panel. You want to plan a piece of wood according to the thickness you want. The ideal type of machine you need is a wood planer. And vice versa, if you have a fairly curved, warping wood panel. You should use a joiner to flatten the edges and corners of the wood.

Use Jointer and Planer in mill wood

The way a jointer device is used in the milling process is by running a surface and an edge of the plank through the cutting head of jointer. For best results, you need to move the board several times over the blade; (About two or three times). Next, the operator needs to see if the board is flat or not and whether there are any shape defects.

You might be wondering what to do with the other side of the board and other edges. This is the right time for wood planers to be applied. Planing machine not only supports to reduce the thickness of the board but also makes the new face cut parallel to the surface that has been flattened from the jointer. You require to adjust the height of the cutting head with each planing to bring the board closer and closer to the desired thickness.

In conclusion

I have introduced completely two types of machines: Jointer and Planer. Did you find this article helpful? Although there are still a few flaws, I still hope it benefits for you.

If you are still unsure whether or not to prioritize one over the other, we recommend that you buy both or buy a two-in-one machine that has the function of both planer and jointer. Remarkably, The device is the best wood planer for the money. That is awesome, isn’t it? Thank you for taking the time to read the entire article